MiKandi Community Guidelines

The following are guidelines on the etiquette you are expected to follow while you participate in our adult app store.

  • Be honest: don't try to fool us and fool our customers. Not only will we eventually figure it out, we're not going to be happy about it. Truthfully represent your apps- don't lie about the function, features, and content; categorize your apps appropriately; don't republish just so your app can stay at the top of the Latest Apps filters.
  • Be good: you're playing in an adult app store, you don't have to hide what you're doing. But don't act like a jerkoff because you're dealing with adults. If we wanted to hang out with people with the social graces of a 7 year old, we'd be at Chuck E. Cheese.
  • Be smart: work hard to understand what resonates with customers and build that.
  • Be legal: there are laws regarding what is and isn't ok in the content space. Follow them. If you run afoul of the laws, your agreement with us holds you accountable, not us.
  • Be innovative: yes, there are lots of picture and video viewer apps. Feel free to make your own. But we'd recommend going beyond that in order to surprise and delight customers. Our most popular apps are the ones that stand out as different and innovative.
  • Be mobile: you're developing an application for a mobile device. Our customers aren't doing the same things that they do on the computer. Ask yourself what is valuable when you're on the move and then design for that.
  • Be interactive: Are you listening on Twitter, Facebook, on your website etc to consumer feedback? Remember, the people choosing your apps are real people and they have real feedback and opinions. If you interact with them, you might just learn something.
  • Be humble: We're all figuring this out together. Don't act like you know everything that is going to happen in the mobile app space. Companies go broke this way.
  • Be friendly: If we end up in a place where we disagree on how MiKandi works and what you're doing in our adult app store, we'll try to be clear, consistent and approachable. We're not here to start fights. If you realize that and approach us the same way, it'll go better.
  • Be respectful: Customers deserve your respect. Don't take them for granted.