Does Google Play prohibit me from distributing my applications through third party app markets, such as the MiKandi Adult App Store?

No, Google Android does not prohibit you from distributing your applications through other channels.

What kind of applications does MiKandi accept?

MiKandi is an uncensored adult apps store. We try not to censor or restrict you from distributing adult apps. That said, we do have a few basic rules that you and your app must comply with.

For more information, please see the MiKandi Developer Distribution Agreement, the MiKandi Publisher Policies, and the MiKandi Community Guidelines.

What is the size limit of my .apk?

We recommend keeping your APK down to 100 MB. If your app is larger, you may experience uploading issues. Please send us an email at if this happens to you.

How do I upgrade my account to a Publisher Account?

If you accidentally register for a User Account and need a Publisher Account, email us at to submit an account upgrade request. Please provide us with your username and the email address you used to create your initial account.

Do I need to pay any fees for having a Publisher Account?

Currently, it is free to register for a Publisher Account and to distribute your adult apps in our app store. This may change in the future, and if it does, we will be sure to give developers ample notice of the change.

What is MiKandi’s rev-share?

For Android APKs (apps and Android games), MiKandi’s rev-share is 65% to the publisher, 35% to MiKandi.

For Comics and eBooks distributed through our comic and ebook readers, the rev-share is split 50/50 between the publisher and MiKandi

For Games (Desktop and non Mobile games), MiKandi's rev-share is 65% to the publisher, 35% to MiKandi.

What do I need to provide MiKandi in order to sell my apps in the MiKandi Adult App Store?

Before you can sell your apps in the MiKandi App Market, you must fill out all required fields on the Company Info page. Required information:

  • Company Name and contact (corporation) -or- First and Last name (individual)
  • Mailing Address
  • Country
  • Phone number
  • Valid e-mail address
  • Tax ID information:
    1. Individual US developer – social security number
    2. US corporation – Federal employer identification number
    3. Non US developer - IRS Form W8BEN (individual), W8BEN-E (corporations)

How do I get paid?

Once your account has accumulated USD $50 (net), you're eligible for payout by check in the next payment cycle. MiKandi pays the previous month's sales in the current month. For example if you earned over the minimum USD by the end of this month, we will pay you on or by the 15th next month.

Please be sure you’ve completely filled out your profile information. We will automatically send payments out to eligible accounts each month. If you need to make changes to your account information, please do so by the 8th we can update our account records in time.

You can send your request to to initiate the payout process.

You can send your request to to initiate the payout process.

What happens when there is a chargeback?

A chargeback occurs when a card holder claims a transaction is fraudulent or is dissatisfied with a product. In the event that a user is granted a chargeback for a bundle of MiKandi Gold, and your product was purchased using some of that Gold, account will be deducted amount of Gold used to purchase your product. Accounts that commit chargeback fraud are immediately closed and banned from MiKandi, because they suck.

How will MiKandi remit payment to me?

WWe can remit payment once a month to you in one of three ways:

  1. Checks (US and international). Free, $25 cancellation fee.
  2. Wire. $45 wire fee
  3. ACH Transfer (US only).

What is a W8BEN?

Non-US publishers must provide MiKandi with a W8BEN or W8BEN-E to verify that you are not subject to paying US income taxes. To obtain a W8BEN, please contact the IRS.

Does MiKandi withhold income taxes for me?

No, MiKandi will not withhold income taxes for you. You are responsible for paying your income taxes in accordance with your taxing authority. For US developers, at the end of the year MiKandi will send you a 1099-MISC form.